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Maryana Bhak's home page

(nee Mary Ana Heath, 1993-1998 Maryana Heath Huston)

Maryana is a mediator, and wife and mom.



California 2004  Maryana with kids
AD 2008  AD 2007  AD 2006  AD 2005  AD 2004  2009 pictures
Ohio 2008  

Transformative Mediation

Maryana's genealogy






69  St. Mary's Nursery School--Mrs. Emerson

70/K  Warwick Neck Elementary--Mrs. K

71/1st grade--Mrs. Zartarian

72/2nd--Mrs. Taft



75/5th--Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Armstrong then Lymansville Elementary--Mrs. Norian

76/6th--Mrs. DeBello

77/7th--Mr. Simmons, no that other guy

78/8th--Mr. Graves and Mr. Simmons

78/79--St. Xavier's HS

79/80--North Providence HS

81-85--Bard College of Simon's Rock Early College of Bard College of Bard (are they insecure or what?)

86/87--Webster University, Geneva campus

96-98--Lesley University


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