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=Welcome to openfree BiO network.=
'''BiO network is on-line information source for all the areas of biological research, technology, training, and business.'''
'''Anyone is welcome to contribute to and use the content with maximum&nbsp;freedom. '''
Please visit our sites that are listed in [http://biosite.org].
===Some of our sites are:===
[http://biopedia.org biopedia.org]: The free encyclopedia of biology.
[http://biosites.org biosites.org]: The internet sites directory for biological science, technology, and business.
[http://genomics.org Genomics.org][http://genomics.org]: The free Oenomics portal.
[http://omics.org Omics.org]: The Omics home page for everyone.
[http://biocompany.net Biocompany.net]: The Biocompany directory and information portal for entrepreneurship and business.
[http://biocountry.net Biocountry.net]: The international portal for biological information for the countries.
[http://biocourse.org Biocourse.org]: Biological training and learning materials portal.

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